D.M.S was founded in 2002 by health care industry veterans who seeked to offer  health  care cost  containment  solutions to clients from all over  the world. In  order to  address this issue, D.M.S has established a network that enables cooperates requiring health care treatment for their employee to receive such care.
D.M.S network gives your employees broad access to physicians, specialists and  hospitals with  such  an  extensive network, enrollees can be assured that they will be covered all over Egypt never the less. He will be covered anywhere in the world and our payors can count on assistance and cost control on a global scale.
Whether an  insured  need  a  simple  referral for  outpatient treating, long term housing or emergency, we are there.
D.M.S works with a capital of 90,000,000 Egyptian Pounds with increasingly sales growth volume each year.


D.M.S Growth