Share Holders

Mr.  Walid  Hafez,  Chairman,  President of  6th the October investor group; determent assistant for El-Watany Party; owner and  major shareholder in  number of  institutions:  Global Trading Company.  

Dr. Mohsen Ammar, Chief Executive Officer, Under Dr. Ammar's leadership D.M.S continues to lead the market by developing and implementing new products and services which contribute to industry leading savings and service. He has over 22 years of experience in the business formally working in the position of Medical Director  and Business Development   Manager in Alico Egypt  and  then  as  a  Medical  Director  of  A  group  of pharmaceutical companies as Ciba Gigy& SPIMACO.

Mr. Ali Moussa, Board Member, Mr. Moussa has been in business since early  eighties, currently the  vice President    of  the Federal  Egypt  Chamber  of  commerce and  chairman of  Miss Express. 6th October City.

Dr.Fahd Khater, Board Member, Shareholder, has a post graduate degree  in  the  form  of  MBA  international  healthcare  and hospital management from the Frankfurt School of Finances and management, Dr.Khater is an active investor in various stages of investment in different sector, mainly  maritime,  medical establish chemical, international real estate.

Mr. Ashraf Ammar, Board Member, Has 5 years experience in the insurance  industry  and  shareholder   in   a   number   of institutions: Construction-holding Company.

Dr.Ashraf El  Hefnawy,  General  Manager,  Operating  in  the insurance field since 1997. Dr. El Hefnawy has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine with a degree of Consultant of ENT; he has over 19 years of experience in the health care industry. Under El Hefnawy management,  D.M.S has  implemented several plans and procedures to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction and client retention.