1- What are the basic requirements to run the program?
2- I have internet in the pharmacy, but sometimes I cannot work on the program what is the reason?
3- Should I have to download Java on the PC version?
4- I forgot the password for the program what is the solution?
5- Should enter the user name and password each time I work a prescription?
6- What needs to spend a prescription for the patient?
7- Can a daily or monthly exchange treatment without a medical card?
8- What is the use date of prescription box located on the home page of the program?
9- Should the introduction of specialized doctor in the case of daily prescription? And that's how I know? What interest?
10- Is it necessary to enter the diagnosis in the case of daily prescription? And why? How many diagnosis minimum required being admitted?
11- Introduced a medical card number of the patient appeared proportion of carrying on the program differs from the ratio of endurance code on medical card?
12- No prescription by a daily dose or duration of treatment what do you do?
13- What is the difference between the duration and the Total duration in the registration of medicines screen?
14- What time period during which the work can edit or delete to daily prescription dispensed branch?
15- What do you do if ou want to delete or modify a daily prescription over them for more than 24 hours?
16- The patient carries a daily prescription treatment or monthly and carries the approval of not carrying endurance ratio what do I do?
17- The patient carries a daily prescription treatment or monthly and holds approval not to apply the maximum prescription what do I do?
18- You press a button by mistake lack of restriction and reduction of insurance I would go back to normal what do I do?
19- You press a button by mistake intolerances patient endurance ratio and I would go back to normal what do I do?
20- The work of the amendment to the prescription, but the new drug gives the message that drug from the same group exists in spite of the deletion of medicine why?
21- In the monthly treatment alternative you can exchange for the drug is not available?
22- Is it possible for all users of the program to see the value of the private pharmacy claim?

1- until the program work properly and without any problems, we advised a client that is available the following requirements:
Internet speed of at least 1 M.B.
PC good specifications
A printer to print monthly prescription
Internet explorer
Download a copy of the Java program
Preferably Download TeamViewer so as to facilitate the technical support process

2- Please note if the pharmacy is the branch of one of the groups was the section observer cameras, the camera pulls a very large percentage of the speed of the Internet so would prefer separate the software from the private online cameras online.

3- No, not necessary for downloading a Java program, where the program will himself download the software for the first time when in use and then works automatically

4- You can contact figures technical support and a new password will not work in the case

5- No, do not just close the program or the Internet Explorer browser page

6- requires a medical card applicable to the patient itself in the case of daily prescription required the presence of the prescription on one of the company's models either in the case of monthly treatment you'll need to be patient a drug already registered by the medical department of the company.

7- It cannot be dismissed any medicine, but the medical card in force

8- where he cannot be dismissed drug Bruchth older than seven days in the case if it has been more than seven days required the approval of the prescription by the company

9- Yes, we should be chosen specialization from one of the specialties found a devoted doctor who revealed he has a doctor - cannot see specialization either seal the doctor if the presence or the patient can be the same question about the specialty that detects him - helps allocate the doctor to provide a complete service as some disciplines have special treatment by the benefits enjoyed by the doctor to the patient (eg teeth - women - ...) and therefore not to be devoted doctor deprives the patient of the benefits he deserves or give the patient other advantages do not deserve.

10- Yes, you must insert a diagnosis of prescription - because some diagnoses were not covered and therefore when no diagnosis in writing, the patient could have distracted the drug is owed him and therefore could be deducted to the pharmacist to get the patient him without his face right as some drugs are not covered, but in some diagnoses and thus in the absence of the diagnosis in writing, the medicine will refuse to spend it in spite of his patient - at least the maturity needed one either diagnosed only if the prescription contains more than one diagnosis will need all the diagnoses recorded.

11- The commitment by endurance code on medical card

12- At the same pharmaceutical formulations medicines (syrup), it is found two ways to exchange either by specifying a daily dose and duration of treatment is calculated program the number of units and there is another way if you select a doctor in the prescription number of units are writing the number of units in the box (Read Edit) either in the case of the rest of the formulas Pharmaceutical is spent according to the daily dose or the number of days is spent 1 1 and hence the program payout lower unit or on the patient back to the doctor to determine the dose and duration of treatment.

13- Duration or Duration is the time that will be spent on the basis of quantity or Total duration it is full time that enough medication to the patient Example: if the patient is paid weekly injections for a month, the pharmacist will be written in the Dose number one box in 4 duration writes either in total duration will be 28 for the four injection enough patient for 28 days. Another example: if the patient spent 3 cans drinking enough medicine for 15 days, he Dose = 1, duration = 3, total duration = 15

14- The work can delete or modify daily prescription provided that the amendment or deletion in the same day as the payment of any prescription before 24 hours of exchange prescription.

15- In this case we must return to the company so that we can cancel

16- Appo pressure on the button next to the proportion of endurance in the exchange screen, but you must make sure there is approval of the seal intolerance endurance proportion of the patient, but will be deducted from pharmacy.

17- Appo pressure on the button next to the excess value of the insurance limit in exchange screen, but you must make sure there is stamp approval of the lack of restriction to limit the insurance for the patient and not to be deducted from pharmacy.

18- you press the Back button next to the excess value of the insurance limit in exchange screen and it will be canceled and re-apply the limit of insurance.

19- you press the Back button next to the proportion of endurance in the exchange screen and it will be canceled and re-loaded by the patient endurance.

20- You should work to save after deleting the drug from the editing screen before you start adding a new drug.

21- Yes, you can substitute the exchange in the monthly treatment in the case of non-availability of medicine original condition that is a variant of the same drug-original Pharmaceutical Group and at the same its own pharmaceutical formula and the price of the alternative minimum dosage of origin or group increases the value does not exceed ten pounds of the package.

22- No, since he is no user name and password to enter the exchange screen, user name, and another password to access the screen reports and therefore not for everyone a right of access to the reports screen, but who has the authority to do so.